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GemsBiz - A Manufacturing Company of Fine Quality Gemstones, Beads and Gold-Silver Jewelry
GemsBiz, Inc. A well furnished brand, headquartered at Pink City Jaipur, (the most famous destination for Gemstones & Jewelry in the world for quality, creativity & craftsmanship) is a manufacturing cum trading company for supplying Gemstones, Cabochons, Beads, Briolettes, Gold-Silver Jewelry etc. Backed by people with generations of experience in the Gem & Jewelry Industry, GemsBiz prides itself on being the ultimate combination of "Quality, Service and Value" Originally founded in 2001, currently on its 13th Year of On-Line Establishment, has launched of a new company brand mark and website highlighting the company’s expertise and reputation for bringing new, innovative line of products & much more. You will be further glad to know that after setting its marks in the global gemstone industry, we have taken a step further as a supplier of Loose Diamonds in all popular shape, sizes, cuts & qualities. GemsBiz buys its Gemstones rough materials directly from Africa, South America, India, Australia, Russia, Thailand, China and other countries, and supply our top quality of calibrated Gems to our customers all over of the world. We also have a huge network of suppliers, which enables us to fulfill any demand of our clients in a very short span of time.
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